Supply Chain Project Management

Is there any difference between Generic Project Management and Supply Chain Project Management?  In my opinion fundamentally there may not be any difference.  However, Supply Chain knowledge will certainly give an edge over others in managing a project focusing on supply chain excellence as part of continuous improvement program.  Thought leadership is the key to improve supply chain efficiencies.  Basically, there could be two different projects; one could be dealing with technology improvements and the second one could be dealing with improving organizational efficiencies.  In case of the technology improvement projects, the role of the project manager is to act as a bridge between business and technology personnel to translate the business needs accurately.  Where as the other improvements projects, the project manager also acts as an internal consultant or work in tandem with an external consultant to develop solutions to address inefficiencies.  In order to deal with both types of projects, supply chain knowledge would be an added advantage to the project manger.

Supply Chain Project:

In my opinion, a supply chain project is a distinct attempt to deliver a set of identified and agreed deliverables with given resources and within agreed time frame and financial budget

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